Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who's There?

It was night when me and Haziq went in bed to sleep . As usual, me and Haziq would talk almost about anything before we slept . Our enemy, our problems, why we hate each other .. But this time we talk about the guardian (penunggu) .

Me and Haziq talk about it for like an hour . Then, suddenly, the shower in our bathroom turned on and off by itself . After that, me and Haziq kept quiet . The situation was creepy . I closed my eyes, and Haziq hide under the blanket . Few minutes later, I guess Haziq cant stand it, he ran outside the room leaving me alone . I was too afraid ro even get up and run . So, i only screamed as loud as i can and hopefully my useless brother would come . Then, someone was on top of me . I couldn't breathe, I couldn't talk, I couldn't even move a muscle . I guess you all can say that i got a "tindih" .

When my brother came together with my parents, I was free . I felt nothing at all . The 'THING' was not on top of me anymore . We tried to tell our parents everything, but, as an adult and a parent to calm a child, they denied (mnolak/mnidakkan) our story . Question is, who turned on the shower and who was on top of me while no one was in the room?

I'll update more true ghost stories happening around my house . Remember, you only see what you believe .

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