Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Guest Room .

Remember that i told you that there's a women (penunggu)living in our guest room? Well, it was 1 am when i couldnt get to sleep . So, i went down to bored myself by watching tv . My brother (Haziq) was sleeping in the guest room . Before this, Haziq was always the one who was like to brave and dared the ghost . Lucky him, the ghost didn't show up face to face .

While i was watching tv, it was about 2 am when suddenly i heard Haziq scream . "Ahh!! tolong, sakitt. sakitt!! tolong. mama!!" As a 14 year old boy, i had to be scared . At first i increase the volume of the tv so that at the same time, my parents will woke up . They didn't.

I had yo do something, Haziq's sreamimg was getting louder and louder as i waited . After that, directly i ran to the guest room, jump on him and woke him up . I asked him what happen, and he said, "tolong mi, ade org pijak kaki haziq, sakitt . tolongg! mi, halau dia, halau dia!!" .. At that time i was scared, terrified and confuse at the same time . I mean, there was no one inside the room accept me and Haziq . When he said, "mi, halau dia, halau dia!!" who does he actually meant? And who stepped on his leg so hard that the next day, he woke with bruises (lebam) on his leg . Since that night, Haziq never ever dared to challenge the ghost anymore .

I'll update more true ghost stories happening around my house . Remember, u only see what u believe .

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