Friday, December 11, 2009

Who? Her?

Remember when i said my brother (Haziq) was the one who always dared the ghost? The time when "SOMEONE" stepped on his leg wasn't the first time he got disturbed . Haziq pretty much was the one whom the ghost targeted. I think .

It was last year i think when this incident happened . At that time i was afraid of the dark . I mean, my fear is the darkness . So, to prove to me that there is nothing in our room, Haziq dared the ghost . He said, "Mi, klu btol ade hntu, aq akan kne rasuk skg ni . (about 5 minutes later), "Tgk! mne ade hntu. Ko tu ha, tkot sgt . Hantu ne brani kacau kite. dy LEMAH LA WEYH!" .

As usual, Haziq slept earlier than me . He's bad habbit was that he's always talks in sleep (mengigau) . Only now, it was like real . It was about 2 am when he said "Mi, ke sne sket Mi, ade org nk tido . Ko tlg kasi dy bantal . " . Im used to his "mengigau" . So, i ignored it .

The Next morning,

Haziq woke up, the first thing he said was that he dreamt (mimpi) a women asking for a place to stay . And Haziq offered her his bed . When me and Haziq woke up, we realise that there are spaces between us . There's a pillow, and we could still see the bed as if someone slept there right between me and Haziq . Question is, who slept beside us, and who was in Haziq's dream asking for a place to stay?

I'll uodate more true ghost stories . Remember, You only see what u believe .

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