Monday, December 7, 2009

The Hand

It was night. My parents were home late. There were only 4 of us in the house. Me,Nureen (sister), iman (youngest sister), n my maid. At that time, iman was lying to us about something. Me and Nureen trick her into telling the truth by asking her to drink a water. We said to her "iman mnum air ni, klu iman tipu, mlam ni hantu akan dtg. abg ngan kakwin x tipu. kwn2 ktorang sume da kne. baik iman ckap yg benar".
We emphasise (mmpebesarkan cter) a bit about d ghost part. After that, iman admit the truth.

The situation after dat was quite creepy. Nureen dared me to look down between my legs as if i could see any ghost . When i looked, suddenly.. nureen screamed as loud as a thunder. Her face was so pale . My maid directly said, "ade org pegang kan?" . And Nureen said yes. But how did my maid know? .

My maid saw a hand touching on Nureen's shoulder right before she scream. At first, i didnt believe the story.

Few minutes later,

As i was watching d tv, nureen sat right beside as she was terrified of what happened just now. Later, our living room lights were opened by itself. We was terrified and ran upstairs. Question is, who touch nureen's shoulder n who turn on the living room light?

i'll upload more true ghost stories that had happened around my house. Remember, u only see what u believe.

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