Monday, December 7, 2009

unexplained incident.

here's the thing, there's a weird incident happened in my house.
I would like to share it with you guys.

My house. It was late night. Everybody was asleep. My maid went downstairs to have a drink.
In the kitchen, there's a window. It's located infront of the sink. So once you want to wash your hands, you have to face the window.

My maid drank and she put the glass into the sink. Suddenly, she had the feeling that something was there. Just there. Staring at her. She glanced at the window, she saw something tall and dark passing through quickly. It was just like a lightning. I know you guys may think it's just her feelings, but think again.

The Next Day.

It was Maghrib already.
The kitchen's door was opened. My maid was sweeping the floor. She was looking at the floor and suddenly she felt scared. She looked outside and saw the same tall and dark thing passing through. That time, there was no doubt that "SOMETHING" was out there, or in.

That night.

It was 10p.m. My maid told my sister what happened. Suddenly my maid was staring at the living room. My sister asked why. She was blank. She said she saw me passing through the dining room, but the way that "i" was going was a wall. they thought i was trying to scare them.
They checked whether i was there. But, No, i wasn't.

There was a wall there. If I turned back and ran upstairs, surely they'd see me. But NO.
That time, I was upstairs, at the balcony. My sister and my maid came up to me and asked me was i downstairs before this? i said no . Question is .. Who was the "person" that my maid saw?

i'll update more true ghost stories happening around my house. Remember, u only see what u believe in .

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