Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Uninvited

As u all know, my parents are in Mekah for like one month . As for me n Haziq (elder brother), we were told to leave the house on 15th of November and go to Singapore to stay there for 3 weeks. My sister, maid, grandparents, they're leaving the house on 20th november. So, on that day forward, my house should be empty. No one is in the house.

After 3 weeks leaving the house , it's time for us to get back home. As happy as we are, we're quite reliefe to reach home safely. Well, my grandparents reach home before we did. As soon as they reach home, they unpacked their stuff. What happens to be a mistery is that when they went up to MY room, it was messy. As if someone had slept there. At first, they thought it was me and haziq whom slept there and forgot to clean up the place. Thing is, i never went into that house.

What made us all curious is that why of all the rooms, only mine was messy . They could still see the pillow as if someone had put their head on it. Plus, eventhough my bedroom was so messy, "SOMEONE" had REARRANGED the AL-Quran neatly. The Al-Quran was rearranged neatly according to size. The biggest one was on the lower, and the smallest one was on the top. Question is, who messed up our room and rearranged the Al-Quran neatly? Well, i guess it's the UNINVITED one.

I'll update new true ghost stories happening arund my house . Remember, U only see what u believe.

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