Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knock-knock . Who's there?

Every ghost or haunting scene happens at night . I don't know why but it does . I was playing my laptop in my room . As a teenager, i dislike playing computer games . It gives me headache . So, instead of playing computer games, since i'm bored of myspace-ing or facebook-ing or even blogging, i surf to ghost website . Trying to find more scary stories . I even went to the youtube to see ghost scene happening around the globe.

It was 2 am that time when someone knocked my door . If it was my parents, or even my sisters, they would have just come in without knocking . So, i thought it was my maid . When i open the door, no one was there . All of the rooms were closed . Impossible someone could knock my door and at the same time ran into their room, closed the door without me noticing . My mind was straightly thinking about the guardian i've been telling you about . "Penunggu" . I acted as if nothing happened, at continued my ghost haunting website activity . Then, again. Someone knocked my door . This time, it was even louder. Funny thing is, why didn't the loud knock wake my parents up? This means that in that house, only i can hear the loud knocking sound .

I took my ipod, close the laptop and quickly close my eyes while listening to the ipod . Few minutes later, the door opened by itself . I was so scared that i woke up my brother and, well, he's a heavy sleeper . So, it was me alone . I closed my eyes, and increased my ipod to the maximum volume and went to sleep . Question is, who knocked my door, who opened my door and why am i the only one who heard that loud knocking sound?

I'll update more true ghost stories happening around my house . Remember, U only see what u believe.

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