Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Iman's (6 year old sister) turn.!

You know, most of the time, my maid will get disturbed by the ghost . Only this time, the ghost
'IS HER'! . This scene happened in the living room . There was only my maid and my youngest sister, Iman . At that time, Iman was watching the television, when my maid tried to pull a ghost prank on Iman . She knocked the window behind Iman, and when Iman turned back, she saw the maid . And when the maid came in and rearranged the shoes in the shoerack, there was someone knocking at the window. Iman said "bibik!" and she totally saw the maid, except she is wearing other kind of shirt . Right after Iman said 'bibik!', my maid who was INSIDE AT THE SHOERACK answered 'ya iman?!" Question is, who knocked the window right after my maid came in. And why did "IT" looked alike like the maid?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knock-knock . Who's there?

Every ghost or haunting scene happens at night . I don't know why but it does . I was playing my laptop in my room . As a teenager, i dislike playing computer games . It gives me headache . So, instead of playing computer games, since i'm bored of myspace-ing or facebook-ing or even blogging, i surf to ghost website . Trying to find more scary stories . I even went to the youtube to see ghost scene happening around the globe.

It was 2 am that time when someone knocked my door . If it was my parents, or even my sisters, they would have just come in without knocking . So, i thought it was my maid . When i open the door, no one was there . All of the rooms were closed . Impossible someone could knock my door and at the same time ran into their room, closed the door without me noticing . My mind was straightly thinking about the guardian i've been telling you about . "Penunggu" . I acted as if nothing happened, at continued my ghost haunting website activity . Then, again. Someone knocked my door . This time, it was even louder. Funny thing is, why didn't the loud knock wake my parents up? This means that in that house, only i can hear the loud knocking sound .

I took my ipod, close the laptop and quickly close my eyes while listening to the ipod . Few minutes later, the door opened by itself . I was so scared that i woke up my brother and, well, he's a heavy sleeper . So, it was me alone . I closed my eyes, and increased my ipod to the maximum volume and went to sleep . Question is, who knocked my door, who opened my door and why am i the only one who heard that loud knocking sound?

I'll update more true ghost stories happening around my house . Remember, U only see what u believe.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who's There?

It was night when me and Haziq went in bed to sleep . As usual, me and Haziq would talk almost about anything before we slept . Our enemy, our problems, why we hate each other .. But this time we talk about the guardian (penunggu) .

Me and Haziq talk about it for like an hour . Then, suddenly, the shower in our bathroom turned on and off by itself . After that, me and Haziq kept quiet . The situation was creepy . I closed my eyes, and Haziq hide under the blanket . Few minutes later, I guess Haziq cant stand it, he ran outside the room leaving me alone . I was too afraid ro even get up and run . So, i only screamed as loud as i can and hopefully my useless brother would come . Then, someone was on top of me . I couldn't breathe, I couldn't talk, I couldn't even move a muscle . I guess you all can say that i got a "tindih" .

When my brother came together with my parents, I was free . I felt nothing at all . The 'THING' was not on top of me anymore . We tried to tell our parents everything, but, as an adult and a parent to calm a child, they denied (mnolak/mnidakkan) our story . Question is, who turned on the shower and who was on top of me while no one was in the room?

I'll update more true ghost stories happening around my house . Remember, you only see what you believe .

Friday, December 11, 2009

Who? Her?

Remember when i said my brother (Haziq) was the one who always dared the ghost? The time when "SOMEONE" stepped on his leg wasn't the first time he got disturbed . Haziq pretty much was the one whom the ghost targeted. I think .

It was last year i think when this incident happened . At that time i was afraid of the dark . I mean, my fear is the darkness . So, to prove to me that there is nothing in our room, Haziq dared the ghost . He said, "Mi, klu btol ade hntu, aq akan kne rasuk skg ni . (about 5 minutes later), "Tgk! mne ade hntu. Ko tu ha, tkot sgt . Hantu ne brani kacau kite. dy LEMAH LA WEYH!" .

As usual, Haziq slept earlier than me . He's bad habbit was that he's always talks in sleep (mengigau) . Only now, it was like real . It was about 2 am when he said "Mi, ke sne sket Mi, ade org nk tido . Ko tlg kasi dy bantal . " . Im used to his "mengigau" . So, i ignored it .

The Next morning,

Haziq woke up, the first thing he said was that he dreamt (mimpi) a women asking for a place to stay . And Haziq offered her his bed . When me and Haziq woke up, we realise that there are spaces between us . There's a pillow, and we could still see the bed as if someone slept there right between me and Haziq . Question is, who slept beside us, and who was in Haziq's dream asking for a place to stay?

I'll uodate more true ghost stories . Remember, You only see what u believe .

Laugh all you can .

During weekends, me and Haziq (my brother) would always sleep late . Sometimes at 2 am, 3 am or even 4 am . For your information, those are the times when the ghost, spirit will run around . At that time, me and Haziq were playing football at the balcony when suddenly we heard a women laughing . At first we thought it was just our neighbours. Well,

About 15 minues later, we heard the laugh again. Thing is, we only heard the laughing, no talking, no one was out there . Only me and Haziq. The laugh was quite loud and frightening, but me and Haziq continued playing football as if nothing happen. I've heard someone say "klu ko dnga ade pontianak gelak kuat, mksdnye die jauh lg . klu prlahan jea dy gelak, brmkne die kt sbela ko jea." . But, as long as Haziq is with me, im not that scared.

It was about half an hour after that when me and Haziq saw a white figure (lembaga) flying above us . I was so scared that time , i hugged Haziq . He just said with a calm voice, "Mende uh tgh terbang kot . Jgn tegur sudahh . ". He's calm voice made me a bit calm and we straightly went inside the house, took a shower and never say a thing untill the nxt morning .

I'll update more true ghost stories happening around my house. Remember, u only see what u believe .

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Guest Room .

Remember that i told you that there's a women (penunggu)living in our guest room? Well, it was 1 am when i couldnt get to sleep . So, i went down to bored myself by watching tv . My brother (Haziq) was sleeping in the guest room . Before this, Haziq was always the one who was like to brave and dared the ghost . Lucky him, the ghost didn't show up face to face .

While i was watching tv, it was about 2 am when suddenly i heard Haziq scream . "Ahh!! tolong, sakitt. sakitt!! tolong. mama!!" As a 14 year old boy, i had to be scared . At first i increase the volume of the tv so that at the same time, my parents will woke up . They didn't.

I had yo do something, Haziq's sreamimg was getting louder and louder as i waited . After that, directly i ran to the guest room, jump on him and woke him up . I asked him what happen, and he said, "tolong mi, ade org pijak kaki haziq, sakitt . tolongg! mi, halau dia, halau dia!!" .. At that time i was scared, terrified and confuse at the same time . I mean, there was no one inside the room accept me and Haziq . When he said, "mi, halau dia, halau dia!!" who does he actually meant? And who stepped on his leg so hard that the next day, he woke with bruises (lebam) on his leg . Since that night, Haziq never ever dared to challenge the ghost anymore .

I'll update more true ghost stories happening around my house . Remember, u only see what u believe .

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lady downstairs, Man upstairs .

This is MAYBE the conclusion to the weird stuff happening around my house . Before my maid (bibik Las) leave my house due to the finishing contract, she told us one thing . One little secret about the house . She said, my house, way before i lived there, there was a guardian whom stayed there first . It's called 'PENUNGGU' . There's two of their kind actually which is leaving in our house . Only their sex and where they're staying is different . There's a man who only lives upstairs and INSIDE MY ROOM, and a women who stayed downstairs, inside the guest room .

My family and i won't believe such a story like that. I mean, we've been living in that house way before she did. How come we never knew that. rite? Well, after she left, . A new maid came . Her name was Lina. At first she got disturbed by the ghsost pretty much the same way our former maid (bibik Las) did . Then, she receives a call from her parents in Indonesia saying that the house which she is living and working now, has a guardian (penunggu) . My maid's (Lina) mother told her the same thing that bibik Las told us . You all may ask how does her mother know, well, her mother happens to be a bomoh in the village . In order for her to know how is her daughter (Lina) feeling, she needs to know what is in the house . That is pretty much how she knows .

Question is, if may former bibik (bibik Las) was lying about the house, how come our maid's mother is telling the same thing about the house? Bibik las n Lina were not related at all . There's no way they could meet up and planned to lie to us. rite? What afraid me most is that one of the GUARDIAN IS STAYING IN MY ROOM .Maybe that explain about my 'THE UNINVITED' story .

I'll update more true ghost stories happening around my house . Remember, you only see what u believe.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Uninvited

As u all know, my parents are in Mekah for like one month . As for me n Haziq (elder brother), we were told to leave the house on 15th of November and go to Singapore to stay there for 3 weeks. My sister, maid, grandparents, they're leaving the house on 20th november. So, on that day forward, my house should be empty. No one is in the house.

After 3 weeks leaving the house , it's time for us to get back home. As happy as we are, we're quite reliefe to reach home safely. Well, my grandparents reach home before we did. As soon as they reach home, they unpacked their stuff. What happens to be a mistery is that when they went up to MY room, it was messy. As if someone had slept there. At first, they thought it was me and haziq whom slept there and forgot to clean up the place. Thing is, i never went into that house.

What made us all curious is that why of all the rooms, only mine was messy . They could still see the pillow as if someone had put their head on it. Plus, eventhough my bedroom was so messy, "SOMEONE" had REARRANGED the AL-Quran neatly. The Al-Quran was rearranged neatly according to size. The biggest one was on the lower, and the smallest one was on the top. Question is, who messed up our room and rearranged the Al-Quran neatly? Well, i guess it's the UNINVITED one.

I'll update new true ghost stories happening arund my house . Remember, U only see what u believe.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Hand

It was night. My parents were home late. There were only 4 of us in the house. Me,Nureen (sister), iman (youngest sister), n my maid. At that time, iman was lying to us about something. Me and Nureen trick her into telling the truth by asking her to drink a water. We said to her "iman mnum air ni, klu iman tipu, mlam ni hantu akan dtg. abg ngan kakwin x tipu. kwn2 ktorang sume da kne. baik iman ckap yg benar".
We emphasise (mmpebesarkan cter) a bit about d ghost part. After that, iman admit the truth.

The situation after dat was quite creepy. Nureen dared me to look down between my legs as if i could see any ghost . When i looked, suddenly.. nureen screamed as loud as a thunder. Her face was so pale . My maid directly said, "ade org pegang kan?" . And Nureen said yes. But how did my maid know? .

My maid saw a hand touching on Nureen's shoulder right before she scream. At first, i didnt believe the story.

Few minutes later,

As i was watching d tv, nureen sat right beside as she was terrified of what happened just now. Later, our living room lights were opened by itself. We was terrified and ran upstairs. Question is, who touch nureen's shoulder n who turn on the living room light?

i'll upload more true ghost stories that had happened around my house. Remember, u only see what u believe.

unexplained incident.

here's the thing, there's a weird incident happened in my house.
I would like to share it with you guys.

My house. It was late night. Everybody was asleep. My maid went downstairs to have a drink.
In the kitchen, there's a window. It's located infront of the sink. So once you want to wash your hands, you have to face the window.

My maid drank and she put the glass into the sink. Suddenly, she had the feeling that something was there. Just there. Staring at her. She glanced at the window, she saw something tall and dark passing through quickly. It was just like a lightning. I know you guys may think it's just her feelings, but think again.

The Next Day.

It was Maghrib already.
The kitchen's door was opened. My maid was sweeping the floor. She was looking at the floor and suddenly she felt scared. She looked outside and saw the same tall and dark thing passing through. That time, there was no doubt that "SOMETHING" was out there, or in.

That night.

It was 10p.m. My maid told my sister what happened. Suddenly my maid was staring at the living room. My sister asked why. She was blank. She said she saw me passing through the dining room, but the way that "i" was going was a wall. they thought i was trying to scare them.
They checked whether i was there. But, No, i wasn't.

There was a wall there. If I turned back and ran upstairs, surely they'd see me. But NO.
That time, I was upstairs, at the balcony. My sister and my maid came up to me and asked me was i downstairs before this? i said no . Question is .. Who was the "person" that my maid saw?

i'll update more true ghost stories happening around my house. Remember, u only see what u believe in .