Friday, December 11, 2009

Laugh all you can .

During weekends, me and Haziq (my brother) would always sleep late . Sometimes at 2 am, 3 am or even 4 am . For your information, those are the times when the ghost, spirit will run around . At that time, me and Haziq were playing football at the balcony when suddenly we heard a women laughing . At first we thought it was just our neighbours. Well,

About 15 minues later, we heard the laugh again. Thing is, we only heard the laughing, no talking, no one was out there . Only me and Haziq. The laugh was quite loud and frightening, but me and Haziq continued playing football as if nothing happen. I've heard someone say "klu ko dnga ade pontianak gelak kuat, mksdnye die jauh lg . klu prlahan jea dy gelak, brmkne die kt sbela ko jea." . But, as long as Haziq is with me, im not that scared.

It was about half an hour after that when me and Haziq saw a white figure (lembaga) flying above us . I was so scared that time , i hugged Haziq . He just said with a calm voice, "Mende uh tgh terbang kot . Jgn tegur sudahh . ". He's calm voice made me a bit calm and we straightly went inside the house, took a shower and never say a thing untill the nxt morning .

I'll update more true ghost stories happening around my house. Remember, u only see what u believe .

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