Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Mouth.

Sometimes we judge a brave person, by the way he talks when he's in a scary situation. If he talks big, we know he's brave. If he kept quiet all the way, we know he's a coward. Truth is, the one who talks big in a room, happens to be the coward and stupid one.

Last month, me and my friends went a to house which was said to be haunted. According to people, this house, had it's own story years ago. Someone died in it for some reason. No one knew. So yeah, we decided to visit that house which was told to be haunted. 1 car, 4 young teenagers, us.

As soon as we entered the house, we felt nothing. Nothing at all. So, one of my friend, screamed and challenged the ghost. We kept asking him to shut his big mouth up, but as a successful idiot, he didn't. -.- instead, he kept on screaming "weh! mana kau doh?'' , ''bak dtg la weh lembaga kau tu haa", ''kalau setakat menaikkan bulu roma org, baik takpayah lahh", well, something like that. HE EVEN URINATED INSIDE THE HOUSE ON THE FLOOR. What kind of lunatic would pee in haunted house?

We were like scolding him, calling him bad names, telling him to immediately stop what his doing. And then, BOOM! the sound of something hard fell down on the ground. We were stunt. The idiot friend of mine, who talks big, again, show his stupidity, saying "TU JE KE WEH? BUAT YG LAGI MENAKUTKAN TAKBOLE?''. At that time, we knew, visiting and playing time is over. It's time to go.

While we were on our way to the door, we realised that only 3 people were there. Me, and the other two. Where's the other one? Who was the one that got lost? Right, the idiotic urinating friend of ours. We went back upstairs to find him, and there he was, standing there, starring at the ceiling. We called upon his name telling him it's time to go. But, instead of going towards us, he back down, and said, "korang pegi dulu lah, aku nak tunggu sini, teman DIA. kesian DIA sorang2".

WHO WAS THAT DIAAAA?!! There was no one else, but us, and yet he said '' NAK TEMAN DIA''. We knew he wasn't fooling around because at that time the surrounding was scary. So, we quickly carried him and took him downstairs, he kept saying, "we, tunggu dia weh, tunggu dia". The more he said it, the faster we ran. Then we got out of the house, inside the car, and drove off away from that house. Our idiot friend kept quite the whole way, untill we reach the house. We don't wanna talk to him, cause we knew what might happen.

Moral of the story, the ghost will come, if you challenged it. So, don't. DON'T.