Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Night Blackout

1 am and above is usually the time when ghost run around right? Well, surprisingly, it was 3 am when my house, wait, the whole neighbourhood suffered a blackout.My house was so dark that i couldn't even see a single light. My dad came to my room and ask me to sleep in his room. As a man, i denied. I wanted to show him that i could survive in the dark. So he left. My parents room were downstairs and mine were upstairs. And, all my siblings went to his room except me. So, it was me ALONE upstairs, IN THE DARK.

3.30 am, and i still couldn't get my eyes shut. Don't know why suddenly my mind was thinking all about ghost, paranormal stuff. At first i heard someone was in the bathroom. That "SOMEONE" was as if it was washing it's hand or something. I kept quiet knowing that "SOMEONE" is not one of my family members because they all are DOWNSTAIRS in my parents room. Then, my bathroom door opened by itself and BOOM! The door was shut back loudly! I was so afraid at that time, I wanted to scream but i cant. Too afraid to even make a noise!

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep at the same time, ignore all the disturbance done by that "SOMEONE". Suddenly, i felt something. Something that made me have goosebumps all over my body. I couldn't stand it, and opened my eyes to see, and .. i saw it. What i saw could never make my eyes believe. A woman in white with long hair stared at my face. I could do nothing but to be stunt! Imagine what would you do if a white figure stared at you right into your eyes. I screamed! I screamed! and i screamed while closing my eyes! When i opened my eyes, the figure was nowhere to be seen. Vanished from my eyes. And then there were lights, fan. The electricity came back. I felt relief but still afraid. So, i went and slept in my parents room. Funny right? The day i tried to prove to my dad that im not a coward, happens to be the day i saw something that i could never forget.