Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lady downstairs, Man upstairs .

This is MAYBE the conclusion to the weird stuff happening around my house . Before my maid (bibik Las) leave my house due to the finishing contract, she told us one thing . One little secret about the house . She said, my house, way before i lived there, there was a guardian whom stayed there first . It's called 'PENUNGGU' . There's two of their kind actually which is leaving in our house . Only their sex and where they're staying is different . There's a man who only lives upstairs and INSIDE MY ROOM, and a women who stayed downstairs, inside the guest room .

My family and i won't believe such a story like that. I mean, we've been living in that house way before she did. How come we never knew that. rite? Well, after she left, . A new maid came . Her name was Lina. At first she got disturbed by the ghsost pretty much the same way our former maid (bibik Las) did . Then, she receives a call from her parents in Indonesia saying that the house which she is living and working now, has a guardian (penunggu) . My maid's (Lina) mother told her the same thing that bibik Las told us . You all may ask how does her mother know, well, her mother happens to be a bomoh in the village . In order for her to know how is her daughter (Lina) feeling, she needs to know what is in the house . That is pretty much how she knows .

Question is, if may former bibik (bibik Las) was lying about the house, how come our maid's mother is telling the same thing about the house? Bibik las n Lina were not related at all . There's no way they could meet up and planned to lie to us. rite? What afraid me most is that one of the GUARDIAN IS STAYING IN MY ROOM .Maybe that explain about my 'THE UNINVITED' story .

I'll update more true ghost stories happening around my house . Remember, you only see what u believe.

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