Friday, February 12, 2010


I guess when old people say 'jgn tidur waktu maghrib' , they really meant it . Why? because spirits gone wild at that area of time . Most people do get DISTURBED while sleeping during maghrib . And one of the victims is my sister. Nureen .

It was quite a tiring and exhausting day for her as it was her school's sports day . She came home around 7 pm . Almost Maghrib. As soon as she reaches home, directly she went to bed and slept without even taking off her socks, taking a bath or even washes her face . She locked herself in her room and slept. It was 7.30 when i heard the azan . She still doesn't wake up yet . Right after the azan finishes, suddenly, NUREEN SCREAMED AS LOUD AS EVER. Her scream was like so terrified . Her scream was as if someone was going to kill her . She screamed and screamed and cried for help . Me and my parents went straightly to her room as soon as possible. Since her door was locked, it us half an hour to find the key and opened the door .When we opened the door, WE SAW A TALL FIGURE GETTING OFF NUREEN'S BODY AND STRAIGHTLY RAN TROUGH THE WALL. We were so shocked at that moment . We woke Nureen up, she cried and said that she dreamed of someone tall holding a knife trying to warn her about something .

We told this story to our grandfather and as old people say, 'JANGAN TIDUR WAKTU MAGHRIB KERANA PERKARA YANG TIDAK DIINGINI AKAN BERLAKU' . =.=

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bukit Antarabangsa.

This scene happened to my dad. It happened around 12 o'clock at Bkt. Antarabangsa. As you all know, recently there was a huge landslide that shocked the whole Malaysia . A lot of innocent victims died . My dad went there alone just to survey the tragedy scene .The road was quite dark since there was no light by the road side. Along that road there were two cars . One car is the one that my dad is driving, and the other one happens to be in front of him . The way the driver was driving it's car is as if he had no licence . The car was so slow, he did not even turn the high beam light . My dad lost his patient and he quickly accelerate his car to get in front of the car. When he tried to see weather it's a woman or a man whom is driving that car, THERE WAS NO ONE IN THE CAR. NO ONE IS STEERING THE CAR . My dad hit the emergency because he was so shocked . How could the car went up the hill without no one steering it? To make sure what he saw was right, he followed the car . Until one point where the car turned left . My dad quickly turned left and before he knew it, the car was nowhere to be seen . Then he realised that on that moment he was stopping on the landslide tragedy area. He quickly turned back and went straight to home knowing that if he had stayed longer, more scarier stuff is going to happen.

Spirit of The coin.

Okayh2, this is not the incident that happened in my house, but it happened on my closest relatives, Asyraf (cousin) . It all started when Asyraf and his friends played a haunted game called 'spirit of the coin' . And yes, they are so stupid to play that game knowing that it will haunt them. :p

It was maghrib that time, right after the azan, they played the game with full of joy, laughter and screams. Asyraf had recorded every minute of the time they played the game. What he didn't know was that if someone had recorded the haunted game, for sure 'IT' will follow you home. Right after they finished the game, they all went back . For Asyraf to reach his home, he has to go trough a grave yard. Weird thing is nothing happened there. On his way home, he kept watching at the recent video which he has captured. Then, suddenly he noticed something from the video. Behind his three friends who were playing, there was something white, it's face was pale. Watching, smiling at them. Right after that he deleted the video. Logically, once he had deleted, the video could never be in the phone right? NOT!

It was 2 am when Asyraf woke up from his sleep because he heard noise coming out from his phone. When he looked at it ... there it was. THE VIDEO OF THEM PLAYING SPIRIT OF THE COIN HAD PLAYED BY ITSELF. HOW COULD IT STILL BE THERE WHEN ASYRAF HAD DELETED IT?! HOW COULD IT PLAYED BY ITSELF WHEN ASYRAF WAS SLEEPING AND NO ONE WAS IN THE ROOM?