Sunday, September 25, 2011

Indonesia Idol 2010 Melati Penampakan Hantu

This happens last year in Indonesia when they're having an audition for "Indonesia Idol 2010". The judge was surprised by the appearance of this girl whose name was Melati. It was told, that her name was not on the audition list. And everytime the judge ask her a question, her answer will all be based on death. Even the clothes that she's wearing is white, and according to her, it symbolizes dead people. Some say, this is fake. Some say, it's real. Only thing is, how could a girl like her, whose name was not on the list, manage to get in? :O

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3am in the morning.

As you all know my brother Mohamed Haziq is staying in shah alam as he is studying there, and like most of the students he stayed in his rental house. There were 4 people living inside that house, but this time it was him alone because his friends were on holiday. Haziq didn't want to stay alone that night, so he called our cousin to come and accompany him there. But our cousin, Shafiq said he'll come a bit late, as he has some things to do.

It was 12 am when Shafiq still hasn't come to Haziqs' house yet. So, Haziq decided to take a nap while waiting for Shafiqs' arrival. Then it was 3 am when Haziq woke up because he heard someone knocking on the door. He assumed it was Shafiq. Quite a few times and quite loud though, Haziq heard the knock on the door. Like all recently-awaken-from-sleep people, he was paranoid. He was like "eishh sabarlaahhh!!". Then when he opened the door, there was no one. Shafiq was well known by his playful act. So, Haziq thought it was Shafiq, and he got quite mad, because Shafiq chose the wrong time to play with Haziq who just got interrupted with his sleep. So haziq yelled, with the door wide open, "Wehh, NAK MASUK MASUK LAHH. Jangan la main maiin. Orang ngantuk dohh". Well, something like that. A few minutes later, no sign of Shafiq.

Then Haziq slammed the door angrily and walked back upstairs. As he walked the tv TURNED ON by itself. He was quite surprised, but he act normally, turned off the tv and went back up. Just as he was about to reach the stairs, AGAIN, THE TV TURNED ON BY ITSELF. Haziq ran back upstairs, closed the door room, wen't inside his blanket closed his eyes, recite ayat kursi while trying to sleep and the next thing he knew, he fell asleep.

The next day, he called shafiq and asked him, what happen? where was he? Shafiq told him he came to Haziqs' house around 2am, and also tried to call Haziq, but no one answered. At that time, Haziq remembered that when he woke up at 3 am, and checked his phone, THERE WAS NO CALL AT ALL NOR MISSED CALL. Weather Shafiq's lying or not, only god knows.

But the thing is, only when Haziq told me the story did he realize why suddenly, the tv turned on by itself. It was because of his "NAK MASUK MASUK LAHH". Maybe it was like some kind of invitation to ghost. Remember guys, mind ur words.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bukit Cherakah

My brother, Haziq happens to be a student at uitm shah alam, and he seldomly sleeps in his friends house, at Bukit Cherakah. Fyi, Bukit Cherakah happens to be a haunted place. More likely, a ghost town.

After he finished he's basketball practice, he went back to his friends house at Bukit Cherakah, but only to pick up some stuff there. He went there with his friends, there were three people. As they reached there, they parked their car, in front of the house, and one of his friend went inside the house. So, there were only two of them in the car, and it was 2 am in the morning. As they were talking about stuff, then suddenly, Haziq's friend kept quiet. He's face were pale, and he's reaction was like he saw something and didn't want to let anyone know. As the malay saying goes "Dah nampak, jangan tegur". Haziq then asked him why was he like that, and he's like, "nanti aku bagitau kau, not now." Then they heard a laughing sound. Mark that, THEY heard. This time, it was not only haziq's friend who saw it, but they both heard it.

Then his friend, who went inside the house, went out, locked the door, and walked out calmly. But haziq and he's friend were terrified that time, so they were like, "weh, cepatlaa, cepaatlaa" and his friend was like, "iyee, iyee, asal?". After they drove away from that place and they reached shah alam sec 7 back, his friend told haziq that he saw a pontianak near the corner around the house area, and that's why he was pale. At that time before he could say anything to haziq, they both heard the "mengilai" sound, the voice of a pontianak.

By that story that was told by Haziq to me, i guess Bukit Cherakah really is haunted :O

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shoulder Tapping

You know when sometimes we search for ghost pictures, and there's this one picture where you'd notice either there will be a face appear out of no where, or a leg without body behind someones back, right?

Well, that kind of scene happened to my younger sister, Nureen Aisyah, and the witness there, was my maid. It was maghrib that time where nureen and the maid were talking in the kitchen. There were only two of them there, as me and the rest were upstairs. Then, as they were talking, nureen suddenly look back as if someone had tapped on her shoulder. And when she looked back in front, before even saying a word, the maid asked her, "ada orang tepuk bahu kamu ya?" and nureen was like, "YES! CAMNE BIBIK TAHU?!", and then she told her that right before nureen turned her head back, the maid saw a hand tapping on her shoulder, she was stunt for a while and thought it was only her imagination, but then nureen looked back, and so she knew, what saw, and what nureen felt, was true. A HAND OUT OF NO WHERE TAPPING ON HER SHOULDER.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Mouth.

Sometimes we judge a brave person, by the way he talks when he's in a scary situation. If he talks big, we know he's brave. If he kept quiet all the way, we know he's a coward. Truth is, the one who talks big in a room, happens to be the coward and stupid one.

Last month, me and my friends went a to house which was said to be haunted. According to people, this house, had it's own story years ago. Someone died in it for some reason. No one knew. So yeah, we decided to visit that house which was told to be haunted. 1 car, 4 young teenagers, us.

As soon as we entered the house, we felt nothing. Nothing at all. So, one of my friend, screamed and challenged the ghost. We kept asking him to shut his big mouth up, but as a successful idiot, he didn't. -.- instead, he kept on screaming "weh! mana kau doh?'' , ''bak dtg la weh lembaga kau tu haa", ''kalau setakat menaikkan bulu roma org, baik takpayah lahh", well, something like that. HE EVEN URINATED INSIDE THE HOUSE ON THE FLOOR. What kind of lunatic would pee in haunted house?

We were like scolding him, calling him bad names, telling him to immediately stop what his doing. And then, BOOM! the sound of something hard fell down on the ground. We were stunt. The idiot friend of mine, who talks big, again, show his stupidity, saying "TU JE KE WEH? BUAT YG LAGI MENAKUTKAN TAKBOLE?''. At that time, we knew, visiting and playing time is over. It's time to go.

While we were on our way to the door, we realised that only 3 people were there. Me, and the other two. Where's the other one? Who was the one that got lost? Right, the idiotic urinating friend of ours. We went back upstairs to find him, and there he was, standing there, starring at the ceiling. We called upon his name telling him it's time to go. But, instead of going towards us, he back down, and said, "korang pegi dulu lah, aku nak tunggu sini, teman DIA. kesian DIA sorang2".

WHO WAS THAT DIAAAA?!! There was no one else, but us, and yet he said '' NAK TEMAN DIA''. We knew he wasn't fooling around because at that time the surrounding was scary. So, we quickly carried him and took him downstairs, he kept saying, "we, tunggu dia weh, tunggu dia". The more he said it, the faster we ran. Then we got out of the house, inside the car, and drove off away from that house. Our idiot friend kept quite the whole way, untill we reach the house. We don't wanna talk to him, cause we knew what might happen.

Moral of the story, the ghost will come, if you challenged it. So, don't. DON'T.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Night Blackout

1 am and above is usually the time when ghost run around right? Well, surprisingly, it was 3 am when my house, wait, the whole neighbourhood suffered a blackout.My house was so dark that i couldn't even see a single light. My dad came to my room and ask me to sleep in his room. As a man, i denied. I wanted to show him that i could survive in the dark. So he left. My parents room were downstairs and mine were upstairs. And, all my siblings went to his room except me. So, it was me ALONE upstairs, IN THE DARK.

3.30 am, and i still couldn't get my eyes shut. Don't know why suddenly my mind was thinking all about ghost, paranormal stuff. At first i heard someone was in the bathroom. That "SOMEONE" was as if it was washing it's hand or something. I kept quiet knowing that "SOMEONE" is not one of my family members because they all are DOWNSTAIRS in my parents room. Then, my bathroom door opened by itself and BOOM! The door was shut back loudly! I was so afraid at that time, I wanted to scream but i cant. Too afraid to even make a noise!

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep at the same time, ignore all the disturbance done by that "SOMEONE". Suddenly, i felt something. Something that made me have goosebumps all over my body. I couldn't stand it, and opened my eyes to see, and .. i saw it. What i saw could never make my eyes believe. A woman in white with long hair stared at my face. I could do nothing but to be stunt! Imagine what would you do if a white figure stared at you right into your eyes. I screamed! I screamed! and i screamed while closing my eyes! When i opened my eyes, the figure was nowhere to be seen. Vanished from my eyes. And then there were lights, fan. The electricity came back. I felt relief but still afraid. So, i went and slept in my parents room. Funny right? The day i tried to prove to my dad that im not a coward, happens to be the day i saw something that i could never forget.