Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bukit Cherakah

My brother, Haziq happens to be a student at uitm shah alam, and he seldomly sleeps in his friends house, at Bukit Cherakah. Fyi, Bukit Cherakah happens to be a haunted place. More likely, a ghost town.

After he finished he's basketball practice, he went back to his friends house at Bukit Cherakah, but only to pick up some stuff there. He went there with his friends, there were three people. As they reached there, they parked their car, in front of the house, and one of his friend went inside the house. So, there were only two of them in the car, and it was 2 am in the morning. As they were talking about stuff, then suddenly, Haziq's friend kept quiet. He's face were pale, and he's reaction was like he saw something and didn't want to let anyone know. As the malay saying goes "Dah nampak, jangan tegur". Haziq then asked him why was he like that, and he's like, "nanti aku bagitau kau, not now." Then they heard a laughing sound. Mark that, THEY heard. This time, it was not only haziq's friend who saw it, but they both heard it.

Then his friend, who went inside the house, went out, locked the door, and walked out calmly. But haziq and he's friend were terrified that time, so they were like, "weh, cepatlaa, cepaatlaa" and his friend was like, "iyee, iyee, asal?". After they drove away from that place and they reached shah alam sec 7 back, his friend told haziq that he saw a pontianak near the corner around the house area, and that's why he was pale. At that time before he could say anything to haziq, they both heard the "mengilai" sound, the voice of a pontianak.

By that story that was told by Haziq to me, i guess Bukit Cherakah really is haunted :O

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