Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3am in the morning.

As you all know my brother Mohamed Haziq is staying in shah alam as he is studying there, and like most of the students he stayed in his rental house. There were 4 people living inside that house, but this time it was him alone because his friends were on holiday. Haziq didn't want to stay alone that night, so he called our cousin to come and accompany him there. But our cousin, Shafiq said he'll come a bit late, as he has some things to do.

It was 12 am when Shafiq still hasn't come to Haziqs' house yet. So, Haziq decided to take a nap while waiting for Shafiqs' arrival. Then it was 3 am when Haziq woke up because he heard someone knocking on the door. He assumed it was Shafiq. Quite a few times and quite loud though, Haziq heard the knock on the door. Like all recently-awaken-from-sleep people, he was paranoid. He was like "eishh sabarlaahhh!!". Then when he opened the door, there was no one. Shafiq was well known by his playful act. So, Haziq thought it was Shafiq, and he got quite mad, because Shafiq chose the wrong time to play with Haziq who just got interrupted with his sleep. So haziq yelled, with the door wide open, "Wehh, NAK MASUK MASUK LAHH. Jangan la main maiin. Orang ngantuk dohh". Well, something like that. A few minutes later, no sign of Shafiq.

Then Haziq slammed the door angrily and walked back upstairs. As he walked the tv TURNED ON by itself. He was quite surprised, but he act normally, turned off the tv and went back up. Just as he was about to reach the stairs, AGAIN, THE TV TURNED ON BY ITSELF. Haziq ran back upstairs, closed the door room, wen't inside his blanket closed his eyes, recite ayat kursi while trying to sleep and the next thing he knew, he fell asleep.

The next day, he called shafiq and asked him, what happen? where was he? Shafiq told him he came to Haziqs' house around 2am, and also tried to call Haziq, but no one answered. At that time, Haziq remembered that when he woke up at 3 am, and checked his phone, THERE WAS NO CALL AT ALL NOR MISSED CALL. Weather Shafiq's lying or not, only god knows.

But the thing is, only when Haziq told me the story did he realize why suddenly, the tv turned on by itself. It was because of his "NAK MASUK MASUK LAHH". Maybe it was like some kind of invitation to ghost. Remember guys, mind ur words.

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