Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shoulder Tapping

You know when sometimes we search for ghost pictures, and there's this one picture where you'd notice either there will be a face appear out of no where, or a leg without body behind someones back, right?

Well, that kind of scene happened to my younger sister, Nureen Aisyah, and the witness there, was my maid. It was maghrib that time where nureen and the maid were talking in the kitchen. There were only two of them there, as me and the rest were upstairs. Then, as they were talking, nureen suddenly look back as if someone had tapped on her shoulder. And when she looked back in front, before even saying a word, the maid asked her, "ada orang tepuk bahu kamu ya?" and nureen was like, "YES! CAMNE BIBIK TAHU?!", and then she told her that right before nureen turned her head back, the maid saw a hand tapping on her shoulder, she was stunt for a while and thought it was only her imagination, but then nureen looked back, and so she knew, what saw, and what nureen felt, was true. A HAND OUT OF NO WHERE TAPPING ON HER SHOULDER.

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