Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bukit Antarabangsa.

This scene happened to my dad. It happened around 12 o'clock at Bkt. Antarabangsa. As you all know, recently there was a huge landslide that shocked the whole Malaysia . A lot of innocent victims died . My dad went there alone just to survey the tragedy scene .The road was quite dark since there was no light by the road side. Along that road there were two cars . One car is the one that my dad is driving, and the other one happens to be in front of him . The way the driver was driving it's car is as if he had no licence . The car was so slow, he did not even turn the high beam light . My dad lost his patient and he quickly accelerate his car to get in front of the car. When he tried to see weather it's a woman or a man whom is driving that car, THERE WAS NO ONE IN THE CAR. NO ONE IS STEERING THE CAR . My dad hit the emergency because he was so shocked . How could the car went up the hill without no one steering it? To make sure what he saw was right, he followed the car . Until one point where the car turned left . My dad quickly turned left and before he knew it, the car was nowhere to be seen . Then he realised that on that moment he was stopping on the landslide tragedy area. He quickly turned back and went straight to home knowing that if he had stayed longer, more scarier stuff is going to happen.

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